Arnaud Didierjean Eng.

Arnaud Didierjean : Traditionnal and sacred chants, body-heart-mind (singing, sound Massage, Sound Yoga)


Phenomenon – Vocal ensemble directed and created by Borys Cholewka – Concert Théatre of Luxembourg 2009

Since I have met my voice and singing teacher Borys Cholewka in 2004, I have had the privilege to do numerous concerts in France, Belgium and Switzerland with his vocal ensemble : Phenomenon. Among which; Théâtre de Grasse, Sacred music festival of Perpignan and Dijon.

I also had the joy of supporting Borys Cholewka on his solo project « chant de voyage » with stephane lovato .

Our lastest musical meeting, in trio with Borys Cholewka and Anne Fromm, took place in switzerland at an interreligious conference.

In 2005, I have met Yvan Trunzler and began my Indian classical journey with the classical genre Dhrupad from North India, while discovering the carnatic Singing (Classical style of South india) with Audrey Premkumar (Paris). Despite my great appreciation for the teaching of Audrey Premkumar, after a while i decided to prioritize my focus on Dhrupad which had became, at the time, and still is, closer to my heart. For few years, I practiced intensively with Yvan Trunzler and with his encouragement, I began quite rapidly to teach the basics to other beginner students.

During my first trip to India, in 2008, I have met Dr. Rajesh Sendh with whom I continued my Dhrupad journey in Varanasi till 2016. I also had the privilege to meet and work with Ustad Sayeeduddin Dagar and with Pandit Nirmalya Dey who both mastered this profound musical genre.

Following the traditionnal way, I began to accompany Yvan on the tampura, then in singing the composition, and eventually doing Alaap in duo. In 2009, coming back from my musical trip in India I began to do solo concert. Since then, I did numerous concerts in Solo, and in Duo with Yvan in France, Belgium and India.  Clik here to see my next concerts : dates de mes prochains concerts cliquez ici.

Vocal Pedagogy / Singing teacher / « Vocal Coach »

Thanks to the rich teachings and unconventional vocal and personal path of Borys Cholewka, i had the opportunity to approach various vocal techniques as diverse as Early Christian sacred songs, throat singing from Siberia, Orthodox liturgy, Traditionnal songs form Ukrania, Russia or Georgia...

I owe much to the generosity of Borys Cholewka with whom i have learned much more thant only singing skills and a pedagogic approach. He had a great talent to reaveal spiritual knowledge through the practice of singing. I have had the privilege to experience practical application of his specific approach at numerous occasions. Indeed, Stephane Lovato and I, have been his assisstants in his singing workshops for several years. As a result of this time spent together singing, hearing, improving, sharing, it opened understanding of close relations between human relationships, musical practice, pedagogy, personal development and spiritual growth…

Building on these experiences, I have continued to weave the thread of those relations for creating a voice and singing pedagogy which is simultaneously demanding and kind, adapted and adaptable without loosing the sight of what is essential : listening, presence, kindness and compassion.

My more recent encounter with Frank Kane is like finding the missing piece of the vibratory puzzle. Frank is a brillant pedagogue and Georgian polyphonic songs lover which he share with generosity and vibratory delicacy. Moreover he delved deeply into the subject of vibration and what he calls the « sharing of vibration » between Georgian traditionnal singers. Thanks to his experiments and his talent to share them jofully we, his students, are enjoying these vibratory discoveries.

Since the beginning of the work with Frank’s pedagogy, the feeling of unity body-heart-mind has taken a new dimension. I am happy that I’ve been formed to his vibratory approach of singing and still a part of the french courses group where Frank is teaching his pedagogy and so where we can experiment each time deeper and deeper understanding of what vibration can be. This journey with this group and Frank is, once again, something that resonate with everything i learned about sound, voice, singing…that singing is just one area where to understand something infinite that is at work everywhere….

Every experience can enhance singing and singing can enhance everything, we just have to learn how to connect, how to listen…

Wellness Practicionner

Since 2006 my first meeting with the Nei-Gong practices (Chi-gong) with Ram Chatlani the taoïst approach of Body-Heart-Mind has been a part my lifestyle and the way i practice. I continued this path as well as taoïst meditation studying material from Bruce Kumar Frantzis, and recently with Jamie Dibdin (Dragon & Tiger Chi-gung in Wiesbaden).

On my journey to a practical understanding of Yoga and psycho-corporel approaches I decided to enroll in the Yoga teacher training with Christian Tikhomiroff from which I graduated in 2014 and Yoga Nidra with Kristophe Lanier from which I graduated in 2017 as well as reflexology (graduated in 2015 with Jessica Neven Du Mont), Sound Massage Peter hess with Brigitte Snoeck(graduated in 2018).

I also approached the Danis Bois’s method with Laurent Soubise, Françoise Menon (Fasciatherapy session) Marion Rosen’s method (sessions) with Thierry François, « Nonviolent Communication » with Jean-Luc Sost, Bhuddist Meditation with Guy Burgs.

From a collaboration with Muriel Favre (Psychotherapist) has emerged a space in which sound, chant and psychotherapy merge and develop together to offer an environment welcoming understanding and transformation of emotional memories or emotional blocages.

In december 2018 I graduated in Biodecoding from Biodecoding school of Grenoble as a Counselor in Bio-Decoding (décodage biologique des maladies école de Christian Flèche – Biological decoding of desease).

The sum of this personal enrichment, studies and privileged encounter have helped me to reach a better understanding of myself, others and overcoming personal struggles and achieving self awareness. Evidently, the way in which I approach and live my practice of singing and music and its teachings becomes more and more permeable to the different dimensions of this cumulation of personal studies and experiences.